Middle Eastern American Professionals Association

Our Mission

 1)      To inform our fellow Americans about Middle Eastern people, culture and contributions to Florida and the USA and to educate our youth about our culture.

2)      To establish our presence as a community in South Florida through good will, community service, and engagement with our fellow South Floridians and local institutions.

3)      To unify the Middle Eastern cultural community in South Florida which includes diverse religions, national origins, ethnic identities, political affiliation, and various generations of Americans.

Our History

The Middle Eastern American Professionals Association began in 2005 as an email newsletter that became a resource for information on Middle Eastern related events in South Florida. With interest from the community, we organized and promoted events and community service activities.  We eventually became a Florida nonprofit corporation in March of 2008.  In 2012, the United States Government, Internal Revenue Service, declared that we are a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization.   

Our Events and Activities

Cultural Awareness: Promoting, supporting, sponsoring, and/or producing Arabic and Middle Eastern Cultural Events, Cultural Awareness Programs, Dances, Shows, Festivals, Film Series, Exhibits, Concerts, Arts, Book Signings, Book Clubs, Gallery openings, Language Lessons, Cultural Dance Lessons, & Middle Eastern Cooking Lessons.

Community Service: Volunteering in the community and at community events including participation with Habitat for Humanity, Hands on Miami, Environmental cleanups, Mentoring programs, Feeding the Homeless, and other activities and events that benefit the community.

Charitable Philanthropy:  Promoting, supporting, sponsoring, and/or producing charitable fundraisers including Participating in Walkathons/Marathons, Activities, and other Events that raise money for various charities including fundraisers for humanitarian relief, scholarship programs, community initiatives and other charitable causes as well as encouraging donations for toy drives, food drives, and humanitarian relief supplies.

Networking:  Promoting, supporting, sponsoring, and/or producing Professional Events, Luncheons, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Continuing Education, Awards, Benefits, Meetings and outings with other professional groups and associations, career development programs, job postings, internship/fellowships postings, scholarship postings, and grant program postings. We also serve as a professional/community based referral service and community/business directory.

Community Fellowship: Promoting and supporting Arabic & Middle Eastern related American businesses,  and initiating or supporting various outings and meetups such as Dining, Happy Hours, Restaurant Outings, Game Nights, Movie Nights, Picnics, Dancing, and other events and activities to connect people and promote community.

Educational Activities:  Promoting, producing, supporting, and/or sponsoring educational programs about the Arabic and Middle Eastern culture via awareness and history programs in schools, colleges, in the community, on TV, in historical archives, in documentaries, on radio, in the Internet, and in the media. 

Community/Multicultural Events: Supporting and promoting attendance at all kinds of community Festivals, Film Festivals, Galleries, Museums, Theater, Opera, Concerts and community events.

Community Outreach:  Maintaining a presence in the community by having outreach exhibits at various types of festivals, shows, and community fairs and by collaborating with governmental and non governmental agencies to spread awareness of Middle Eastern related culural and social issues.

Patroning the Arts:  Supporting and Promoting Middle Eastern American artists, singers, musicians, authors, dancers, etc.

Civic Involvement: Promoting Non-partisan Civic Awareness and Activism, Debates, Panel Discussions, Discussion Groups, Public Forums, Citizenship workshops, and Voter registration drives.

Team Sports: Encouraging good sportsmanship and community/team building through all sorts of sporting and physical fitness activities including Volleyball, Softball, Kickball, Basketball, Golf, Bowling, Races, intramural sports participation, Running, Biking and spectator sports such as Attending games - Professional and College

Travel: Promoting life enriching experiences through cultural, educational, and community related travel to Area Attractions, Cruises, Day trips, Weekend Trips, Conventions, Conferences, Educational/cultural Travel Abroad, and stay-cations that help support the local economy.

Ongoing programs and projects:  Sponsoring ongoing programs and projects including our Book Clubs and Film Festivals:  Our Book Clubs meet once a month.  Our Film Club committee is currently working on the next film festival.

Informational Resource Center: Creating, Maintaining, and Dispensing Information via Online Informational Networks/Forums; News and Topics of Interest; Online Community Calendar, Informational postings, Email Newsletters, Event listings & Announcements and by acting as a Community Resource Center.

Executive and Advisory Board Members - Current & Former

Natalie Ghosn, Esq

Dr. Sherry Elsakr Rosado 

Michael Hanna, Esq.

Dr.  Mohamad Alkadry, Professor

Darlene Corey, Esq.  (Co-founder)

Hon. Toufic Zakharia  (Co-Founder)

Ziyad Mneimneh 

Jay Jalal Shehadeh, Esq

 Nadia Safa

Muayad Abbas 

Michael Kulwicki 

Jasem Al-Asfour 

Dr. Adiba Michelle Ash

Dr. Sam Ash

Dr. Salah Amer

Dr. Dany Attallah

Fadi Halwani

Professor Russell Lucas 

Carolina Maluje, Esq

Zizi Zabaneh

Samia Bendeck 

Where you can find us:

Facebook Page:  MEAPA Members

Facebook Group:  MEAPA 

Twitter:  MEAPA